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Complaint re streaming video from the CMS

Some of you may have heard of the recent complaint Association for Information and Media Equipment regarding online class videos (first explained in this article in Inside Higher Ed).

VITAL Report and Handout: A Look at Grassroots Video Production and Delivery on Campus

In the summer of 2008, a group of technologists, librarians and video experts from across campus met to look at the subject of grassroots video -- a topic identified in the 2008 Horizon Report as being a "big technology for teaching and learning" in 2009.

Integrating Audio and Video into Learn@UW

Goals: This session will cover issues related to integrating downloadable and streamed audio/video clips into Learn@UW. We will discuss the types of formats which can be added, recommendations for the types of formats, and the procedures for adding clips into content.

embedding multimedia (video and flash animation)

Insert Flash Movie or Video

Adobe Breeze allows Flash movie files to be embedded (files authored using Adobe Flash that are published with the . swf file extension) into presentations. These movies will be converted and played back in the published presentation.

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