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My iPad Thoughts (e-Napkin)

[UPDATE: Steven Johnson makes a similar point about the iPad's support for user-created content in yesterday's post on TIME — "<

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Mobile Geotagging for Students

Last year I met with Mary Sisock, a doctoral student in Forestry here at UW-Madison. She’d been told to track me down and ask about using Augmented Reality in her research. My initial thoughts were “how can AR be used in Forestry?

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GLS-PreConference: Mobile Learning Summit

Mobile Learning Summit: June 9th, 9-12am 

A pre-GLS, half-day gathering on the current and future state of mobile learning, hosted by GLS (and UW Madison's Academic Technology) .

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The Changing Face of Learning

A Panacea for Local Learning

Mobile technology is a panacea* for learning, and warrants a full rethinking of how we structure education. This is a strong statement, but one that I feel deserves consideration.

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