SMS Researcher (Internet Usage Project)

The SMS Researcher was created to help with a study being conducted in the Department of Pediatrics at UW-Madison to gather data on perceived use of the internet, sleep patterns, mental health, college adjustment, and other areas.


Learning Solutions helped with development of a web application research tool that allows the configuration, deployment, and data collection of week-long survey campaigns through experience sampling. The tool sends text messages to participants at various times to respond to a pre-determined set of questions in the survey.


Learning Solutions worked with Lauren Jelenchick, Megan A. Moreno, and Sandon G. Jurowski from the Department of Pediatrics.

Services Used:
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UW-Madison Mobile App is Live!

Today, the University of Wisconsin-Madison unveiled our very own mobile app.  iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users can now use the app to browse the campus map, directory, and news.  It also offers the latest UW Athletics scores and bus arrival times.

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Adobe Connect Pro Mobile for iPhone

Adobe recently released a mobile iPhone application to support Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro.  In this post I'll provide a brief overview of the application's major features highlighting a few resources to get you started.Adobe Connect iPhone App

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What the iPad Means

Books in the Age of the iPad, by Craig Mod, is perhaps the most beautiful and thoughtful post I've read in years.

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Mobile Notes from Educause event

Summary: Mobile Learning is not a new form, but a new medium that allows easier access and more face-time with learning content at times when students are ready and able to learn. As such, institutions can maximize learning (and therefore teaching effectiveness) by developing and supporting this medium.

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