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Old Learn@UW courses to be purged

After 6 years of use, Learn@UW is becoming bloated. UW System has recommended that Learn@UW courses more than two years old are candidates for permanent removal from the system.

Beginning later this spring, Learn@UW courses from the Fall 2005 semester and older will be purged.

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Learn@UW usage rises again in Fall 2008

A number of key measurements show that use of Learn@UW (Desire2Learn) at UW-Madison continues to rise. Here is a quick summary of the data:

Activated Learn@UW course sites: 1721 (see chart below)
Total unique Learn@UW users: 31,734
Total enrollments in activated Learn@UW course sites: 76,205

Integrating Audio and Video into Learn@UW

Goals: This session will cover issues related to integrating downloadable and streamed audio/video clips into Learn@UW. We will discuss the types of formats which can be added, recommendations for the types of formats, and the procedures for adding clips into content.

using learn@uw to deliver presentation

Breeze Presentation can be delivered using the Content tool within a Learn@UW course by following these steps:

Import the file into Learn@UW

  1. Log into Learn@UW.
  2. Click on the course into which the presentation will be imported.
  3. Click on Edit Course.
  4. Click on Files.
  5. Create a New Folder and title it to reflect the presentation.
  6. Open the folder.
  7. Click Upload.
  8. Browse to the desktop and find the zip file.
  9. Click on Upload.
  10. Click on the Unzip Icon to unzip the file.

Make the Presentation a Topic

  1. Click on Content
  2. Click on Add Topic under the desired Module.
  3. Click on Create New File.
  4. Type information in the content area about the presentation.
  5. Click on the Quick Link icon.

    create new file
  6. Using the Category pull-down menu choose Course File.
  7. Click on Browse and find the presentation's index.html file in the folder into which the presentation was uploaded.
  8. Type in a Link Caption. Students will see this caption and click on it to enter the presentation.
  9. Choose New Window.
  10. Click Insert.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Choose where to save the new document within the Learn@UW File Manager area.
  13. Go to course and view the file to make sure it is working correctly.

Learn@UW Milestone Review (2008)

Executive Summary

In 2003, UW-Madison implemented Learn@UW, based on the Desire2Learn Learning Environment software, as its centrally supported course management system. In the past five years, usage of Learn@UW has steadily increased, making it one of the most frequently used enterprise applications at the institution.

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