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I got tired of only me looking at the term-paper," says Parrish, "and no one else ever seeing it. So I changed that and had them do a Web site.
-- John Parrish

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Technologies to enhance group writing

Are you looking for technologies to support group writing projects? There are a number of tools that help students and instructors work on both the writing process and product.  In fact, many of these collaborative tools were the focus of a recent campus technology grant through DoIT-Engage.

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Cooperation equals graduation

Group collaboration has become a hot topic at UW-Madison, in part because of grants offered by DoIT's Engage program.

ACTWAN - Acknowledgements

The ACTWAN study was funded by DoIT, Academic Technology, Students Information Technology Initiative (SITI), Academic Technology and the eLearning Roadmap Group.

The ACTWAN team members, including the following, created this project report:
Bruce Barton, Ron Cramer, Cheryl Diermyer, Hildy Feen, Nancy Rebholz, Lauren Rosen, Michael Roy, John Thomson, and Susan Weier.

ACTWAN Collaborative Tools Resources - More Info

Collaborative Technologies

Collaborative technologies facilitate group work both face to face and online. Here are a few tools, technologies, and concepts to be aware of.


A wiki is a collaborative website which can be directly edited by anyone with access to it ( Wikis use a simplifed language to allow collaborators to easily create and edit static webpages. Wikipedia, for example, is an online encyclopedia where individuals from around the world collaborate to create entries and keep them accurate.


A blog is an easy way to create an online journal with chronological postings. Many blogs also allow for comments and means to connect to other blogs. Blogs can be individually authored, but are often are the collaborative efforts of multiple authors. Lots of blogs on a variety of topics are hosted on Google's Blogger.

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