creating swap image menus



Swap image menus can be used to provide additional information regarding the menu choice. In Fireworks, a swap image behavior can be assigned to any slice (slicing is a technique of defining areas of a graphic in Fireworks which will be exported to different files; it will be covered in greater detail in the lesson on Creating Graphical Content). Any slice object can have a swap image behavior. Content to be displayed in each swap is held in a separate frame within Fireworks. In the example, there are 11 frames. Fireworks programs each button to show the appropriate frame on rollover.

  1. Frame 1 - Up State
  2. Frame 2 - Over State
  3. Frame 3 - Mission Info
  4. Frame 4 - Staff Info
  5. Frame 5 - Tutors Info
  6. Frame 6 - Hours Info
  7. Frame 7 - Registration Info
  8. Frame 8 - Resource Info
  9. Frame 9 - FAQ Info
  10. Frame 10 - Sitemap
  11. Frame 11- Webmaster

    swap image example