Web Development Series


Web Development Series: creating accessible web sites

The Web Development Series is a self-paced online course focused on building accessible and effective web sites for instruction. The series covers the stages of planning and organizing a site, creating graphical content and navigation, creating HTML content, and maintaining a site. This series is aimed at technology staff who support instructors.

Topics Covered

organizing content

The first step of creating a web site is organizing the content which the site will contain. Learn how to organize a site taking the following issues into account: purpose of the site, audience, and the relationship between pieces of information.

designing a site

A web site is only useful if people can find the information they need. Learn about the basic interface design. Navigation bars and menus, page headers and footers, and information access issues will be addressed.

interface design

Fireworks is used to create graphical content for web sites. It provides an easy to use interface and a smooth workflow into Dreamweaver, which is used to create the HTML portion of web sites. This session will provide an basic introduction to this tool and will provide a foundation for the following two sessions.

navigational design

Give a web site a more graphical feel by designing navigational elements in Fireworks. This hands-on session will show how to create interactive buttons and menus.

creating graphical content

Adding graphics to a site can improve the aesthetic appeal of a site. Waiting for a site to load, however, can be a drag. This session will address the issues behind creating crisp, clear and small web graphics. It will also cover how to export the images and HTML source code to be used in a web site.

building templates

Managing the content of a web site can be time-consuming. This session will focus on using Dreamweaver templates to populate, manage and update content across pages.

formatting content

Ever wanted to change the way a heading looks across a entire site? This session will focus on methods of controlling layout and appearance of objects. Learn how use style sheets and library objects.

managing and maintaining sites

Site maintenance can be as much work as site creation. Dreamweaver has a host of tools to keep a site looking good. This session will cover how to manage web site content and how to upload that content into your MyWebSpace.

creating web pages using contribute

Web development is difficult because the technical experts and the content experts are rarely the same people. Those who create content can find it difficult to use professional applications, like Dreamweaver. Contribute was created to help solve these problems. Learn how to use and deploy Contribute to users.

publishing content to mywebspace

All UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students have accounts on MyWebSpace. Users can use MyWebSpace to deliver web content. Learn how to make content available to others using the MyWebSpace service.