creating templates


A template can be created from an existing HTML document, or created from scratch. Templates are automatically stored in the Templates folder in the local root folder for the site. If this folder does not already exist, Dreamweaver creates it when a new template is saved.

To save an existing document as a template:

template overview


Templates make it easy to maintain a web site. A template is a document that can used as the foundation for other documents. Templates can help to create web pages with a consistent design. Templates can be designed and redesigned, and they can change hundreds of pages, including links, images, and footers in minutes.

building templates


Goals: Managing the content of a web site can be very difficult. This session will show how to use Dreamweaver templates to control the structure of a site. It will also show how to base pages off the template and how to deploy changes to a site using the template update feature.

exercise - creating graphical content


step one: open document

  • Choose File | Open
  • Open site.png from SSC_Site folder

slicing graphics


In the exercises, we are introduced to a technique called "slicing". Slicing is a technique in which areas of one graphic are defined and upon exporting, multiple files are created.

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