exercise - building templates


step one: site settings


  • Open Dreamweaver
  • Choose Site | New Site
  • Make sure the advanced tab is chosen

    updating templates


    When changes are made to a template, Dreamweaver asks whether pages based on this template should be updated. There are times when updating the dependent pages is not desirable. To manually update dependent files:

    To update the current document to the most current version of a template:

    creating pages based on templates


    Templates can be used as a starting point for a new document or applied to an existing document. It is significantly easier to create new pages based on a template than it is to apply a template to an existing page.

    To create a new document based on a template:

    defining editable regions


    As we mentioned above, editable regions are the parts of a page that change - for example, a daily lesson in an online course. Locked (non-editable) regions are the areas that remain constant from one page to another, such as a main title, logo and contact information.

    setting page properties


    To modify the template's page properties, choose Modify | Page Properties. (Documents created from a template inherit the template's page properties, except for the page title. Individual pages will require individual titles.) Many of these settings can and should be set using cascading style sheet settings.

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