vector / bitmap features


Fireworks has two types of tools it uses to create web content -- vector tools and bitmap tools.

Vector Tools: Vector tools are used to draw objects and text. Common tools are: rectangle, ellipse, line and text.

creating a new document


When a new document is created, several pieces of information need to be provided.

fireworks design workflow


Fireworks is used to design a site's graphical feel. Page layouts, navigation elements, and graphical elements are all created using different Fireworks tools and features. Elements of the page are usually sliced into sections. Each sliced region will be exported as a separate graphic. Each sliced region also has its own exporting options applied to it.

introduction to fireworks


Fireworks is used to design graphical elements for web sites. Adding graphics to a page can help create a more appealing look and feel and help develop a personality for a site. Common graphical elements involved in interface design are: logos, headers, footers, photos and buttons.

interface design


Goals: This session will provide a basic understanding of how Fireworks can be used to design graphical interfaces for web sites. We will explore the basic tools used in interface design. We will also discuss how Fireworks fits into the overall web design workflow.

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