introduction to interactivity


As a web site is designed, buttons may be added to enhance the interactivity to site pages. The buttons can be simple rectangles with the name of the link or 3D buttons that react to the mouse by changing color, glowing, or taking on the look of a mechanical button that has been pressed down.

navigation design


Goals: This session will demonstrate how to design interactive navigational elements using Fireworks. We will show three kinds of navigation elements: popup menus, rollover menus and swap image menus. In the hands-on session, we will cover the process of creating, programming and editing buttons.  

exercise - interface design


step one: new document


  • Choose File | New
  • Width: 600 pixels
  • Height: 400 pixels
  • Canv

    fireworks panels


    Panels are floating controls to edit aspects of a selected object or elements of the document. We will explore the most useful panels.

    optimize and align panels

    The Optimize and Align Panels are used to manage objects in the document. The Optimize panel contains the settings that control the format in which objects will be exported.

    vector tools


    We will experiment with the vector tools before the class exercise. Below is a description of each vector tool and the associated properties.


    Creates horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Using the Shift key will constrain the tool to create perfectly straight lines.

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