Wednesday Morning Musings

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Wednesday Morning Musings

This is my attempt to blog at least once a week, to talk about and perhaps question what is happening in the field of learning technology and our profession, all in my efforts to "get it."

Google Wave: Ok, I created my account, tweeted about it to some CIC colleagues and tried to figure out how Wave could replace email, like the article “Seven Things to Know about Google Wave” describes. I still don’t “get it.”  I’m convinced that if the highly respected SLOAN-C is sponsoring a webinar about the topic, there is something there to this (beta) software that is related to higher education issues. But what is it? Can anyone help me understand?




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Students and collaborative tools?

This is a bit of a digression from Wave per se, but I would bet it will be a while before we see a push from students for a more collaborative work space. Yesterday when I met with 15 students from DoIT's student feedback group, we discussed their experiences and asked for their new ideas regarding Learn@UW. They wanted an easier way to connect with their classmates to form study groups. They did not talk about wanting to work together on the same document, presentation, etc. Just needed a better way to find peers, set up a time, invite people, and confirm.

I think students would be happy to have a smooth way of working together in Google docs without having to know each other's Google username.

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Engage TECGW Student Survey


I think the Technology-Enhanced Collaborative Group Work survey to students says some very similar things and supports what you heard at the DoIT student feedback group. To quote Lindsey's summary: "Students reported convenience, reducing the need to meet, providing a common place to store work, and making communiation easier as the top 4 ways technology alleviated the challenges of group work."