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This article, The Internet Isn't Just for Computers Anymore, highlights the pace of change in technology. It notes that most of the websites that we take for granted and use daily (or many times a day, in some cases), did not exist 10 years ago.

But it also points out:

One thing that hasn’t changed in the last decade though has been that all of these great web apps have run primarily from the desktop.  We’re still chained to our laptops and desktops, but a new wave of innovation is changing that status quo rapidly.  In ten years, the computer will just be one of many ways we are connected to the web.

With this in mind, let's graph out how we, as educators (or as an educational institution), are adapting. How soon before we start to honor the pocket internet? What steps are we taking to prepare for it? How much of our time is being spent chained to our desktops, and why?

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