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2011 ECAR National Study on Undergraduate Students and Information Technology

Educause has completed the 2011 ECAR National Study on Undergraduate Students and Information Technology. They also have a nice visualization to illustrate their key findings.

Some interesting tidbits:

  • Students say they learn more in blended learning environments
  • 39% of students wish their instructors used e-mail more often
  • 32% wish their instructors used a course or learning management system more often
  • 39% of students believe their skill level in using e-textbooks do not meet their needs
  • Technology can make learning a more immersive, engaging, and relevant experience. An average of 33 percent of students “strongly agree” with statements about the benefits of technology to make learning more creative and more applicable to real life and post graduation plans—and to elevate teaching.
  • 37% of students used smartphones for academics in the past year. Only 11% use iPads.
  • Surprising Numbers of Students Lack Confidence in Their Core Software Skills—and They Want Specialized Skills

There are several good recommendations in the full report ( UW-Madison is on track with some of these recommendations. For example, the IT Strategic Plan (3.3) Implement a Technology Literacy Program for students, Software Training for Students, and various interdepartmental professional development opportunities for faculty, to name just a few.

What are your own experiences of how UW-Madison aligns with the recommendations in the report?

See the nicely done visualization of the 2011 ECAR National Study on Undergraduate Students and Information Technology  at

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LTDC West Regional Showcase

The UW-System Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC) is holding regional conferences for faculty and instructional support staff to discuss learning technology. Madison is in the West region, and our event will be held in Platteville on Friday, October 7th (program).

Twitter users can follow/post to the #LTDCWRS hash tag. Posts to that tag, as well as comments made during the Showcase will appear in CoverItLive, below.

The short URL for this page is -

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Building in the Basics: Fundamental of Incorporating Technology into the Classroom Setting

DoIT Academic Technology and L&S Learning Support Services invite you to join us for the seminar series Principles and Practices of Integrating Technology and Teaching. The first seminar, "Building in the Basics: Fundamental of Incorporating Technology into the Classroom Setting," will be held on September 21, 2011 from 3-4pm in 254 Van Hise Hall. Chad Shorter (DoIT Academic Technology) and Theresa Pesavento (Learning Support Services) will be directing this first seminar.

This year-long seminar series for instructors of all levels explores the practical intersection between technology and teaching, presents various applications for technology in and out of the classroom, and addresses the concerns, questions, and possibilities of teaching with technology.

Email to RSVP.  You can also email her to be added to the seminar series email list to get automatic updates and seminar news.

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November 2011 - TBA

Information coming soon.
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October 2011 - Creating Partnerships Through Storytelling

Mark Lefebvre Mark Lefebvre, Senior Vice President for Principal Gifts at the University of Wisconsin Foundation, will lead the group in a discussion focused on the interplay of stories that spark interest and create vital partnerships.  More information to come!

Join our discussion on Wednesday, October 19th, from noon - 1:00pm in room 220 of the Teacher Education building.

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