Hottest trend in Academic Technology?

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Pop Quiz! — what's the hottest emerging technology? 

Hint: It's already being used by more than half the global population.

Hint: It's the most intimately-connected piece of technology you and your students use.

It's the mobile phone. You knew that, right? And you knew that its descendent, the SmartPhone (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Nexus One) is already in your classroom too, right? Smartphones are being used by about 40% of college Students according to a recent study at Ball State. Even the venerable 2009 Horizon Report keys Mobiles as one of the six technologies to watch in 2010 (others are Geo-everything, Cloud Computing, The Personal Web, Semantic-Aware Applications, and Smart Objects). 

But did you consider that Smartphones are more than just *another way* to got online? According to Gartner research report, 2010 is the year of the tipping point, when the web will see more use from mobile devices, than from PCs*, which begs the question:

"How are we preparing to address an audience of learners who access their Academic Technology through mobile devices?"

Possible answers may include:

  • portal to UW resources formatted for mobile devices
  • ARIS, a fantastic, easy-to-use, geo-connected mobile games/tour engine and editor (developed here at Academic Technology — Contact us to help you implement it in your class!)
  • Learn@UW access through Smartphones
  • a Moodle mobile module
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