using a microphone

The way a microphone is used can greatly affect the quality of an audio recording. Here are some tips for using a microphone with Breeze Presentation:

  1. Position the microphone the correct distance from the speaker. Microphones are designed for use at a specific distance. If the microphone is too close, it may pick up unwanted sounds like “breaths” that will degrade the audio quality. If the microphone is too far, it may provide a very low level signal.
  2. Keep a constant distance between the speaker and the microphone while recording. Keep a constant distance between the speaker's mouth and the microphone during the entire recording. Changing that distance will degrade the overall audio recording.
  3. Position headset microphones at the side of the speaker's mouth. To prevent unwanted sounds like “breaths”, position the headset microphones at the side of the speaker's mouth, not directly in front.
  4. Record in a quiet environment. Loud background noise can affect recording quality. In addition, carpeted floors and padded walls help improve the recording environment.
  5. Add a windscreen to the microphone. Windscreens help reduce the effects of “breaths” that may be picked up during recording.
  6. When recording audio, advance the slide first, then pause, then start recording. Do this for each slide. If the speaker tries to advance to the next slide while talking, a portion of the audio may be lost.
  7. Hint: Pause before and after each slide transition when recording the narration.

Note: During the conversion of audio for online streaming, the audio quality will degrade slightly.