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Wednesday Morning Musings (on Thursday afternoon)

I just need to say -- I really love Herman Miller. I like their furniture, although I don't own any. I like their focus (on learning) and I like what they say, which is more about what they find out in their research, their collaborations with higher ed institutions, their surveys, etc. It's much more than a typical sales pitch.

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Using the discussion forum

The Learn@UW discussion forum gives you a chance to interact with your peers and instructors in one easy interface.  This three and a half minute video will show you how to navigate the discussion board, as well as how to post messages and replies.  Text instructions are available for those who would prefer it.

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Upload assignments to the dropbox

Uploading your assignments to the Learn@UW Dropbox is a simple process, similar to attaching a file to an e-mail.  The following 3 minute video will show you both how to upload an assignment, and how to return to the dropbox to see feedback. For those that prefer text, that help is available as well.

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