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Become a presentation wizard - dealing with technical difficulties

Macworld describes "How Steve Jobs beats presentation panic" in this article about tactics to deal with technical difficulties while giving a presentation.  Jobs had quite a bit of trouble with his wireless connection at a recent conference, but delt with the problem in a

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Presentation: Personal Learning Environments

Earlier today at the ComETS Emerging Trends event, I gave a very very quick overview of the concept of a Personal Learning Environment (PLE). Here are my slides, but I realized that they don't include much text.

Presentation Technology Series

Presentation Technology Series

Effective use of PowerPoint in instruction

The Presentation Technology Series, is an online course focused on creating and using presentation technologies effectively in the classroom. The series covers both technical skills and pedagogical examples to help instructors enhance existing lecture materials. The session will also address the various methods of delivering presentation materials to students, and provide advice to help choose the appropriate solution for a given course.

The Presentation Technology Series will no longer be offered face-to-face. UW-Madison faculty and staff interested in technical training on Microsoft PowerPoint are encouraged to check DoIT Professional & Technical Education's classes on PowerPoint. UW-Madison students (undergraduate and graduate) are eligible for DoIT Software Training for Students' free classes on PowerPoint.

Questions about individual consultations on instructional use of PowerPoint can be directed to LTDE at 262-5667 or via e-mail at (faculty or instructional support staff only).

Day 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint

This session will introduce the basic elements of PowerPoint 2003 (Windows). Issues covered include: Templates, Slide Masters, Transitions, Slide Sorter, Notes, Headers/Footers, Slide Layout, Charts/Tables, and Drawing Tools. This is a hands-on session.

Day 2: Controlling Your Presentation

This session will cover all issues related to adding graphics to PowerPoint. Topics covered will include, resolution and sizing of graphics, supported formats, compression setting, linking v. embedded graphics, and accessibility issues

Day 3: Enhancing Your Presentation with Media

This session to discuss how to add multimedia, both audio and video, to a PowerPoint presentation. Topics covered include: best practices, pedagogical uses in the classroom, delivery issues, multimedia formats, and publishing issues

Day 4: Delivering Your Presentation Effectively

This session will prepare an instructor for use of PowerPoint in a lecture environment. Topics covered include: classroom requirements, presentation mode, handouts, navigation of slides, design suggestions and examples of sound pedagogical uses in the classroom.

This session will also cover the many issues involved in delivery of PowerPoint materials to students. Topic covered include: formats of output (HTML/Web, PDF, Flash Paper, Breeze, PowerPoint Movie and native PowerPoint formats, delivery issues (size of download, copyrighted material) and adding PowerPoint materials to a Learn@UW course.

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