EPD / Pharmacy Moodle Project

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Pharmacy CE initially developed some customizations to Moodle to allow it to be better used for Continuing Education - which includes things like paying for classes with a credit card (via University cashnet) and customization to registration to allow for features like booking meals, ordering materials, and the like - things more in line with professionals coming in for a single class.


About a year into the project they teamed with EPD to share development costs.   This is what I consider to be the truly neat thing about the program - through grassroots efforts, two different departments within the University are pooling their efforts and their funds towards a common goal.  We now have monthly meetings, where members of each department agree on next priorities and common goals.  We literally track each of the development tasks in JIRA as "Pharmacy", "EPD" or "Joint" which indicates how it is billed - each group can individually fund things that only benefit them (like specific reports) but for the most part, they agree on major priorities and co-fund them.  They have also worked together well and creatively to design changes and enhancements using settings and configurations so that they are flexible enough to work for both of them (and potentially other users down the line).