Workshop: Produce Your Own Digital Story!


Grounded in experiential and discovery-based learning, digital storytelling is an innovative and engaging interdisciplinary multi-modal communication strategy that can help teach course concepts, increase retention, build authentic classroom communities, and assess student learning.

Participants in this workshop will learn the skills and process needed to construct a digital story, hear how digital storytelling is used across multiple disciplines by diverse learner groups, and consider how to use digital stories in their curriculum and work — in a workshop environment that fosters group inquiry and practice.

This workshop focuses on using story to: 

  • Communicate course concepts or research findings
  • Build an authentic learning experience
  • Reach essential student learning outcomes

When and Where:

Computer and Media Center (CMC)
Classroom (Rm 2257)
Helen C. White Hall 
600 North Park St.

Because participants in this workshop explore the use of digital storytelling as a method to reach essential learning outcomes, it is important that they attend the full session. This workshop is restricted to UW-Madison faculty, instructional staff, or anyone supporting UW-Madison Timetable courses. Seating is limited to 10.

Participants will receive a 2 GB flash drive on participation.

There are currently no workshops.This site will be updated as they become available.

If registration is full, please contact us to let us know about your interest. If we receive enough requests, we will offer another workshop.