Electronic Lab Notebooks

Electronic Lab Notebook Pilot Project at UW-Madison

In the early winter of 2012, UW-Madison’s WARF, DoIT, CALS, and the Office of the CIO collaborated with researchers in a few labs on campus to test Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) to learn if they offer advantages over traditional paper lab notebooks.

Electronic lab notebooks

ELNs are software tools that provide an interface much like a page in a paper lab notebook for entering protocols and observations and attaching digital data files. They are widely used in labs in the private sector but only in a few higher education institutions, currently.

Traditional lab notebooks

Keeping a paper lab notebook to record experimental work is a tradition in many disciplines. To understand how useful paper lab notebooks are in the era of digital instruments and data, we interviewed researchers in a variety of disciplines on campus.

Support for Lecture Capture

Handout for Classroom System

This brief handout provides you with tips and screenshots to help you understand how to capture your lecture using the classroom system. We recommend that you download and print this handout. Read it prior to using the system and a have it handy the first few times you record your lecture.

Link to Handout for Lecture Capture System

Consultation Service

If you'd like to discuss how this technology would impact your teaching and students learning, please contact

Classroom Support

If you have a problem with the equipment in the classroom, please contact the Classroom Media Support Help Desk.

Getting Started

Is Lecture Capture right for me?

If you are interested in having your classroom lectures, interactions and media recorded and available to your students and/or the public, then this instructional technology may be right for you. Since not all classroom interactions or pedagogical approaches would benefit from this particular technology, we would strongly recommend that you speak with a learning technology consultant to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of our lecture capture configuration before you begin recording. A consultant will help you clarify your needs for capturing your class lectures, identify best practices to meet those needs, and recommend other appropriate technologies that you might consider utilizing for capturing and delivering lecture material to your students.

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