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Thoughts from the Learn@UW Madison Team.
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Learn@UW usage rises again in Fall 2008

A number of key measurements show that use of Learn@UW (Desire2Learn) at UW-Madison continues to rise. Here is a quick summary of the data:

Activated Learn@UW course sites: 1721 (see chart below)
Total unique Learn@UW users: 31,734
Total enrollments in activated Learn@UW course sites: 76,205

I expanded on all this, plus added more charts that show the growth over time and Help Desk trends on my personal blog.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments here.

Chart of activated Learn@UW course sites

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A new pilot investigating D2L's ePortfolio

D2L ePortfolio diagramUW System is in the early stages of launching a pilot program to evaluate the effectiveness of Desire2Learn's new ePortfolio system. This initiative was motiviated by the interests of a few UW campuses, but UW System extended the opportunity to check out the tool for all UW campuses. UW-Madison is participating in the pilot.

Since Desire2Learn's Learning Environment is the underlying system for Learn@UW, it made sense to look at their ePortfolio product which purports to integrate with the course/learning environment.

Currently, we are in the process of installing the software and configuring it properly. An initial set of faculty, staff, administrators and students have been identified to participate in the pilot. ePortfolio interest and expertise spans many disciplines, departments, and divisions across our university. We look forward to hearing from a variety of interested people during this pilot program. Feel free to be in touch with me (jbohrer@wisc.edu) at any time.


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